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Fire Solutions

The primary objective of fire protection is to safeguard human life, valued assets and the environment from the catastrophic effects of fire. Comprehensive fire protection requires an in-depth risk assessment and a vigilant system design.

The implementation of an integrated fire protection solution must deal with fire prevention and extinguishing as well as limiting its spread.

Fire detection

Hestia advances safety and security by finding smarter ways to save lives and protect people with our integrated, customized Fire Detection solutions. Our consultative approach to sales, service, products and solutions is especially suited to Fire Detection in industrial and commercial applications, from mining and power generation to manufacturing and telecommunications. We work closely with our customers to design, install, maintain and upgrade industry-specific Fire Detection solutions.

Fire Suppression (Water based)

Hestia knows that safety and risk management are business priorities for our customers. people where they live and work.

Our innovative, integrated Fire Suppression solutions do more than fight fires; they help prevent them so that customers are protected from loss of life, potentially crippling financial damage as well as loss of critical data.

These are water based suppression systems and used in the areas like passages, lobbies and other common areas. Since water is suppressor so these systems cannot be used in the server room /work stations areas. These system are mainly integrated with Fire Alarm System so that in fire situation the area should be sprinkled with water to supress the fire.

Hydrant System
These are the system which are used for the main water line with tapping at each floor of commercial or residential complexes and these system mainly used in case of emergency fire detected in the premises and used to supress the fire until the situation will be taken over by Fire Brigade.

Gas based suppression

The areas like Servers / UPS Rooms where water based suppression systems can damage the electronic/electrical equipment, To avoid such losses the Gas based suppression systems are very effective and efficient. The Gas released during suppression is not harmful to human being as well.

Fire extinguishers

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